a series of misfortunate events have caused me to change my blog template.
which i have not done in about three years.
root cause: nothing is free (anymore).
which is well enough, i guess, but the trouble is
nothing is plain old html anymore, either?
it's all widgets and doodads and rich text formatting?
i don't know how to use any of that.
so anyway.
minor disruption.
it's not quite the same as it used to be
but it will have to do.

in other news, i'm in a no-yoga slump
(since i lost track of time this morning winking around with code)
but on the bright side:
it only rained for part of the day and at the cafe
a good leo woman friend lady gave me an
indian. moonstone. sphere.
which will probably come in handy on december thirty-first when there will be a blue moon in cancer, culminating the power and energy of the last four moons.
you heard me.
put ur party hats on, alright.
and by 'hat,' i mean

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