i'm sorry to trouble with you
i wrote by accident in a business email this afternoon.
i'm sorry to trouble with

o it's getting worse,
this dyslexia.
but it's making things so much more fun.
janine has a book called
nursery knitting
which i kept reading as
sunrise knitting,
and when i wrote down call numbers at the library the other day
i jumbled one up and instead of
the hissing of summer lawns
i got a canadian/inuit/argentinian/brazilian collaboration cd whose last song is
i kid you not
"the calendar of the ancient Maya, combining 52 solar cycles and 73 ritual cycles. Each solar cycle consists of 18 months of 20 days each, plus 5 extra [unlucky] days. The ritual cycles represent rotations of 20 day names and numbers 1 to 13, adding up to 260 days, so that the same combinations of month and day names and numbers recur only in 52 years [see page 18]. The music may be performed in full or in part, in real time [over 52 years] or compressed time [at any chosen scale]. In the latter case there is a correlation between the Mayan calendar and actual performance day [for this recording, Tuesday, April 24, 1990]. This version incorporates voice, synthesizer, and percussion instruments and flutes indigenous to Latin America."
on page 18 is a diagram of the mayan calendar.
thanks, universe.

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