another story, brought to you by chelsea's big slab of rose quartz

i had a really nice time in misha yoga tonight.
took final relaxation in heart bed with my love mitten
in my left hand, and when i left, in a daze, i walked circles
around the town until finally my feet found a route home and on douglas street
i walked by a man in a big sweater with a white beard and a brown beret
and i smiled at him and he smiled back and i smiled wider and we both kept walking
or that's what i thought, until
i looked over and he was walking beside me and i couldn't hear him through my headphones
and when i took them out he pointed at the sack on my back and said
is that a drum you're carrying?
and i said
it's a yoga mat.
and i laughed and he laughed and said
what a rude old man i am
and i laughed and i said
it's ok
and he said, so you've just been to a yoga class? you're very relaxed? it's radiating out of you. listen, do you want to have a beer or a coffee or something?
and i said
well, i have nothing to do. why not.
so we walked to swans and he told me he's the island trust representative
for hornby and i said
that was my first nude beach
and we had some ales and some yam fries
and talked about the travesty of the 2010 olympics and the meaning
of life and when the beers were finished and all the yam fries were eaten
we walked to his car and he gave me a big hug and said
i just love you i love your energy and i let him
touch my head and then he got into his car and i jaunted off into the night
and maybe i'll see him again sometime
and maybe not

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