if this day is an omen

then i'm pretty excited about 2009.
2009 will bring glad tidings.

i'm pretty sure my soul mate and i sat next to each other at the cafe today.
he had a goatee and a barbell in his nose and he was wearing this blouse with tiny uniform cartoon bicycles all over it and he was maybe forty-five or so and he drank double americano but the clincher is
he was reading oryx and crake.
then, later,
i made health food for dinner and my sister came into the kitchen and said
something smells really good. i ventured all the way out of my room
to see what it is. (beat) can i have some?
and so i served her kamut rotini in home made sauce with salad, and she ate most of it.
then she asked if she could do my makeup and the funniest thing happened.
for four hours i looked like a common prostitute and for three of them
i was high.

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