i got really high, by accident,
all of a sudden.
had a 15 minute brainstorm on the binary book.
everything has more than one alternative.
that's not a direct segue and in fact
i can't even remember where i was going.
the wheel of fortune is lurching around.
metal benches swaying.
a box of bunny pasta in the healthfood store
is three dollars.
that's not even the organic kind.
rush hour
on the highway
makes me want to puke.
it's too cold and the roads
are too treacherous and it's impossible
to get anywhere.
don't even get me started on television.
this city is home
to so much of my fear.
am i on the fucking hero's journey right now?
are you there, bee achhe? it's me.
what on earth am i going to look like when i come up
the other side with the elixir and for the love of tuna fish

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