haven't been upstairs in a while

these last few days have been full
of so much living

breakdowns breakups beacon hill park joints in the sequoia tree and at the sea errant peacocks and lorna crozier's book launch a fascinating documentary about evangelical christians the royal bc musem cheap lotus pond mole adventures to vic west pulling all nighters to discourse about jung and the ethical complications of bringhurst's interpretations of the haida myths lunch at bean being stoned being stoned being stoned

my life is running to a soundtrack
of sarah harmer's basement apartment
on repeat
and that combined
with the scarf around my wrist
makes me feel like i'm seventeen
again and i kind of wonder
if subconsciously
i'm doing it on purpose

but there really is no time
to think about that right now
because i still have pot to smoke
and a paper to write
and i'm already planning my third year schedule

i have lofty hopes for next year
(art history greek and roman mythology a comprehensive study of the bible a semester long david lynch film festival)
but i don't think i was wrong
when i predicted second year
would be the best
(there was you
of course)

there is certainly something to be said
for being a social recluse
but sometimes
it's nice to have a life

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