Several miraculous things occurred in my life today:

1. The sheer fact that several miraculous things occurred in my life today should stand as its own point. This never happens to me.

2. I actually managed to leave my house somewhat dressed for the weather.

3. Melanie Siebert gave me a good grade for the first time in human history.

4. I met with Lorna after class. She looked at me like I had an alien seed pod about to erupt from the side of my head when I told her I didn't know if I should be a poetry major and proceeded to inform me that I'm one of the strongest poets in her workshop.

5. Real live effort was put into my Psych midterm revision.

6. I did well on my Psych midterm. Unlike the last one, which I wrote on the first day of my period and which received a 60%.

7. Laurain Mills sent our Psych lecture home early.

8. Upon entering my room at nine o'clock this evening after a long day on campus, I walked directly into something tall and hard. I thought it was a rapist until I realized how little sense that made, and when I turned on the light, I saw that a dresser had magically appeared in my life after my request for one yesterday, which I thought would never come into fruition. It is the most hideous shade of Ocean Spray Blue I've ever seen in my life, but it mystically coordinates with the Hokusai "Rapids" poster on the wall directly above it, and for these reasons, this dresser is the best of life. I will name it Harriet, and anyone who sees this dresser will understand why.

The End.

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